I'm Alex Kearney, a PhD student studying Computer Science at the University of Alberta. I focus on Artificial Intelligence and Epistemology.

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And we're done: we installed the plant wall this weekend! I'm pleased with how the casing makes the wall look like a little window into some distant jungle. The shadows cast by the plants are so dramatic.

Time for electrical on the plant wall: hooking up timer switches to run grow lights and an irrigation pump.

My bird of paradise is putting out a new leaf! The leaf large enough that it has to unfurl in segments. #plants

Where are the Albertans on mastodon? Where’s the #yeg gang? Any handles that folks reccomend?

#ab #abtech #abpoli #yeg #yegcc

When you ping me, I still see it on my site :) I still get notifications from you (and can reply!)

Congratulations Alona! The department is lucky to have you as a permanent fixture.

Every couple days I do a check to see who's migrating over to mastodon using debirdify. Up until this week, it was mostly AI people who were making the move. Interestingly, it seems like the migration has broken out into the "chronically online but not a techbro" community.

Trying out the new pip. Absolutely perfect hash <3

I'm really pleased with how much of the plant wall we were able to complete this weekend. This was my first time doing mitered corners, and they came out so clean. The sill at the base of the wall is removable to access the water... I'm actually surprised that we were able to get the tolerances right so that you can slide the base cover off.

What remains:

  1. Painting the casing to match the windows in our home.
  2. Mounting lights to the frame.
  3. Hooking up the electrical.
  4. Plants!

Making some progress on the plant wall!

  • Cut and painted the pieces
  • Built the wooden mounting fixture
  • Attached the trough to the base
  • Wrapped the wall in a moisture barrier to prevent it from degrading
  • Attached the felt pockets plants will live in :)

Still need to figure out how to mount the lighting to the whole system. Hopefully we finish the trim tomorrow.